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How was this map created?

Cyclists from the greater New Haven area participated in two workshops and came up with this map as a draft for regional vision 

What is your goal?

Create a concept, schematic regional bike infrastructure map, based on local needs and local knowledge, agreed upon as many relevant groups and individuals as possible.
The map will be a tool for promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, as well as building interest in regional bike infrastructure and mobilize people to advocate for this as an important climate solution and in the wider context of the Green New Deal effort to fight climate change.

How can I contribute?

Please take a couple of minutes o examine the map. Zoom in to your neighborhood or working area and check if the current proposed routes are efficient, fill out the online form and let us know what you think.

Also, make sure to register for our mailing list, we will send out updates and invite you to any future event

Thanks for submitting!

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